The Two Night Stand Band exists for one reason:  To have a great time!  And we want you to be part of it.  We specialize in fun, high energy shows that make you want to dance and sing a long.  See who makes it happen...


June has been singing since she was a wee little child and enjoys a variety of music, especially one hit wonders and 80's.  She grew up in Tucson, but fortunately moved to the valley to go to college and graduate from  ASU ( Go Devils!).  By day, she works in the mental health field and by night, she's kicking' ass with Two Night Stand!  She loves animals of all kinds including cats and even reptiles (I think she speaks Parseltongue). In her free time she enjoys hiking, happy hour, spending time with friends, and "walking' on sunshine".


Daryl felt the call of the wild quite early in life.  But, it being rather hot outside, he chose music instead.  He hails most recently from Florida but has been in the area since 2008. He messes about with computers, but he can't seem to stay away from making a little vocal magic with Two Night Stand!   He also hums for no apparent reason at all.....go figure.


Big-J, well, you know.


Mikey has been involved in several music projects over the years from originals to cover bands. He has a strong background and love for funk, blues and classic rock.  He didn’t start "slappin' da bass" until he was 40 years old, but fell in love immediately! (And yes, he's the old man in the band). He's an adrenaline junkie and loves  motorcycle riding and skydiving. By day, he's a children's behavioral health counselor (scary for those who know him) but he really enjoys helping the kids figure it out and improve their lives. He's been holding' down the rythym with the drummer for many years now.  Most importantly, he loves "slappin da bass mon" -


Olu.  What Can he say?  He's awesome.


Russ started playing drums at the age of 10.  Unfortunately, he only played "We Will Rock You" for many years.  He really wanted to join a band, so he had to learn a few more songs.  He has a degree in music, but c'mon, everybody knows drummers aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. He plays with computers during the day and rocks the beat for Two Night Stand at night.  Just don't expect to have a deep conversation with him.